Slide Educational initiatives The purpose of education is to see people who are complete in competence and conscience. The strengthening of competence without devising an orientation that guides a person in the way in which he will use this competence is a bad teaching that this will ultimately lead to the separation of competence from the conscience. More add_box


A non-profit organization launched in 201- United States of America to provide innovative educational leadership solutions. We work with educational institutions and educators to provide them with the best teaching and leading practices.

Our objectives


Enhancing educational leaders' practices (school leaders, youth centers, teachers and educators).


Designating innovative models and initiatives in the field of leadership and educational leadership.


Building educational leaders/ capacity.


Empowering leaders, investors, and decision-makers in the educational sector.

Our values




Our story

Research Studio

Educational Leadership Lab in designing educational products, services and solutions. Research design and implementation.


Edu Capacity

We assist entities and specialists in building personal and institutional capabilities by designing an effective learning experience that achieves the desired results in solving challenges.


Edu community

We consider community interactions as an effective way to build trust, exchnge benefits and make an impact in the field of educational leadership in our society.


What makes us special?

Combining academic and field experience

Design an effective ideas system

Use of human-centered solutions methodologies

Use of forward-thinking methodologies

Who can benefit from our services


Educational institutions

Community institutions

We maintain sustainability through

Designing projects and initiatives for donor institutions

Registration fees for the programs and activities

Carrying out research for the benefit of our clients


Our partners